If you decide to edit your order, you can easily do so on our website within the first 3 days of your purchase. Note that cancelling is only possible within one day after placing your order. Please follow the steps below for order modification or cancellation:

1 - Login to your GLAMIRA account. If you don't have a GLAMIRA account, you can easily create one by clicking the LOG IN/SIGN UP button on top of this page.

2 - After you login, go to the My Account page and click "My Orders" on the left menu.

3 - Find your order and click "Cancel" to cancel your order or click "Edit" to modify your order details. If the “Cancel”-button does not appear, your order cannot be cancelled anymore.

Please note that order cancellations and modifications may result in delays. You will be notified on your updated delivery date in case of delays.

*Cancellation and modification requests are only valid for orders that have not yet been finalised the production process.