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    Bangles don’t have to be cheap and boring. At GLAMIRA, they come in all sorts of shapes, colours and gems. Thanks to our wide range of gemstones, you can wear a rainbow around your wrist with just one bangle ! Amethyst purple, sapphire-blue, ruby-red - the options are endless. Choose a colour, pair it with an alloy, and then use GLAMIRA’s brilliantly expressive and customizable details to bring your bangle to life. Our designer jewellry line includes gold bangles , which come in different luxurious shades: yellow, rose and white gold bangles . We also carry silver bangles if you prefer the subtlety of silver. Expressing your individuality is easy when you can wear traditional or modern styles, and customizing your own bangle has never been simpler. After selecting a model, try various gems to see which one suits you. You can even decide on the shape, like a cushion or round petite-cut diamond. Next, pick an alloy, such as rose, white, yellow gold or silver. Then, all you have to do is combine your choices and watch your bangle go from a dream to a reality. GLAMIRA’s unforgettable, one-of-a-kind bangles arrive in special gift boxes that can be used for safekeeping or gift-giving.