Jewellery is the embodiment of all feelings that can make you feel extraordinary and the keynote to make a unique look on any occasions for everybody who has a style.

GLAMIRA conveys spring's blossom and euphoria to your life and urges opening your mind to grace and delicacy with its expansive exhibit of finest jewellery. Whether it is women’s jewellery, men's or kids' jewellery you are searching for, find our hand crafted models of beguiling rings, earrings, necklaces, engraved jewellery made of yellow, rose or white gold, sterling silver and numerous other materials! The various outlines of fine jewellery that can meet every taste and pocket will charm you. Likewise at GLAMIRA, we offer you precious or semi-precious colourful stones like - amethyst, peridot, pink tourmaline, fire opal - with the goal that you can add a few hues to your favourite piece. At GLAMIRA, you can discover the necklace which will be the ultimate piece of the special events ; the custom ring that will show your love and engagement to the most beautiful woman in your life one or a couple of earrings to catch an exquisite and particular look.

Besides, you can give your friends and family a memorable enjoyment.

Personalised jewelry

that can be designed with all stones running from Big Four (Diamond , Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire) to Swarovski and other stone, alloy or carat choices will be the best present options to be enjoyed for a lifetime. At GLAMIRA, your imagination is the farthest point!