Everyone has a personal style. You can set your own trend by designing your jewellery at GLAMIRA. Browse through our large selection of designs and create your special piece of jewellery to reflect your unique sense of fashion.



We strive for excellence and try to create unique collections to correspond to your extraordinary passions. Never settle for average and allow GLAMIRA to lead you through the world of utmost fashionable and fine jewellery.


Hamsa Collection

A bohemian story, written with the hand of hamsa.

Evil Eye

Evil Eye Collection

Evil Eye Collection is a modern

addition to traditional customs.


Sylvie by GLAMIRA

Sylvie Meis, one of the most graceful celebrities of the fashion world, collaborated with GLAMIRA and picked out these unique designs reflecting her sense of fashion. With its mix of classic and contemporary designs, the Sylvie Meis collection has a jewellery piece for everyone.

Choices by Official Brand Ambassadors

With unique jewelry chosen by our brand ambassadors, elevate your appearance. You will find your ideal match whether you pick any design from their finest selections or get creative and customize them to your tastes.

Amine by Glamira

Amine by GLAMIRA

Amanda Cerny X Glamira

Amanda Cerny X Glamira

This Is So You

The individuality of every human being inspires us at GLAMIRA. Everything we do is centered around people. Our diverse product range is shaped by our customers' various personalities, needs, and desires. When we combine high-quality materials with delicate designs, all that is left for you to do is embrace yourself and enjoy life!

More Jewellery

Fashion is constantly evolving, and we are keeping up with trends and your new requirements. Even when you wear AirPods, you no longer have to compromise your style. Feel free to show off your fashion sense and create your own signature look.

Chic Airpods Accessories

Chic Airpods Accessories

Charming Lip Cuffs

Charming Lip Cuffs

Wedding rings

Wedding rings

A wedding ring is a token of commitment. Whether you're looking for a classic, vintage, or fancy wedding ring, GLAMIRA has a selection to match your style.

Influencers' Choices










Jewellery is the embodiment of everything that can make you feel extraordinary and the keynote to a unique look on any occasions for those with style.

GLAMIRA brings euphoria into your life and urges your mind to open up to grace and delicacy with its expansive exhibit of the finest jewellery. Whether it is women’s, men's or kids' jewellery you are searching for, find our hand crafted models of beguiling rings, earrings, necklaces, engraved jewellery made of yellow, rose or white gold, sterling silver and numerous other materials! The various outlines of fine jewellery that can meet every taste and pocket will charm you. Likewise at GLAMIRA, we offer you precious or semi-precious colourful stones like - amethyst, peridot, pink tourmaline, and fire opal - with the goal that you can add a few hues to your favourite piece. At GLAMIRA, you can discover a necklace that will be the ultimate piece for your special events ; ,a custom ring that will show your love and engagement to the most beautiful woman in your life, and one or a couple of earrings to catch an exquisitely particular look.

Besides, you can give your friends and family a memorable gift.

Personalised jewelry

that can be designed with all stones running from the Big Four (Diamond , Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire) to Swarovski and other stone, alloy or carat choices will be the best present options to be enjoyed for a lifetime. At GLAMIRA, you can let your imagination run wild!