Naturally coloured diamonds illustrate the exclusive elegance of nature. Rarity is the most emphasized property of coloured diamonds. Colour is the main attribute that distinguishes how rare and valuable a coloured diamond is. The most recognized rare colours are saturated pink, blue, and green. Furthermore, even very a slight colour difference can have a big impact on value.

The rarest type of coloured diamonds are red, green and blue with medium to dark tones in combination with moderate saturation.


The brilliance of color, depth, and intensity are the most important factors when purchasing a colored diamond. The diamond will be more valuable, respectively to the intensity of the color.

Setting and Cut

A coloured diamond’s preciousness can be further intensified with an appropriate setting and cut of the stone itself. The cut is self-explanatory, the higher the quality of the cut - the better the color will be reflected when exposed to light sources. Setting of coloured diamond jewelry should be carefully examined and selected by an expert. The synergy of colors is the key factor, for instance, a yellow diamond will look better together with yellow gold and rose gold with a red diamond respectively.

Shape and Clarity

The characteristics of shape and clarity are not as equally important as colour and cut, but they also play an important role. Coloured diamonds usually come in unique designs and shapes to emphasize the colour.