Amethyst Jewellery


At Glamira, good quality is the starting point of the creation. That’s why exactly here in Glamira exceptional gemstones are designed for you. The amethysts picked by Glamira have top-notch quality and can be styled in tune with your personality to embellish the jewelry.

Possessing a rich and vivid colour that could be adaptable depending on the lighting, Amethyst is one of the most impressive stone which is an integral part of Glamira collections. Picture a precious jewelry of wonderland which shows unique colours based upon your moods! That’s the best way to individualise your items with Amethyst in Glamira. You may personalise your very own

amethyst rings

to encapsulate the bright aura of nature around your finger. Or you will find the amethyst necklace to demonstrate the suppleness of your heart and soul to the world around you. The warm and epic partnership between the jewel and style of Glamira will, however, tell the most extraordinary fantasy by using amethyst earrings! Either alone or in combination with other gemstones, Amethyst can be used by gentlemen at Glamira to link their cuffs. Amethyst cufflinks could very well be name drafted with his own hand under the history of charisma and personality. In most cases, you will find out that all secret or exquisiteness are actually accumulated into a gemstone and presented to be yours!

Amethyst stone is a semi-precious gemstone with a diverse collection of hues, from light violet to vibrant purple and to green. Its unique colours come from the material impurities in its crystalline arrangement. This natural stone is an important part of the Quartz range. While it is located and mined in abundance near Minas Gerais in Brazil, the stone could possibly be mined as well in Madagascar, Sri Lanka or alternatively the Austrian Maissau. On top of that, Amethyst is the official state precious stone of South Carolina in the United States!

Amethyst (the term taken out from the Greek expression "amethystos," which means " intoxicated") is regularly prone to various myths and beliefs which include Christian, Buddhist and Greek mythologies since the older days. It is widely known by its restorative quality, symbolising relaxed and sobriety. In astrological concept, it is the February birthstone and the stone of the Pisces.