Green Tourmaline Jewellery

Green Tourmaline
At Glamira, unique pieces of

green tourmaline jewelry

are crafted and created from exceptional high quality of green tourmalines. Unique designs of earring, rings, necklaces, pendants and cufflinks created with green tourmaline to capture the glow of nature! You feel the warmth of springtime and will keep the energy close to the heart by wearing a pendant or a wonderful green tourmaline ring. Glamira also encourages you to customise a pair of green tourmaline earrings in silver or gold to carry the wonderful vibration of joy and happiness in life! Or it is possible to carry a particular design of green tourmaline necklace with Angel Nemamiah flapping his six wings around you. Feel the bliss and magic in your heart with the personalised jewelry at Glamira!

According to history, Green Tourmaline is known for its ability to become electrically charged just by rubbing or heating it. This property enables it to attract particles of dust or pieces of paper, which is a useful feature used by Dutch dealers of the 1700s to pull ashes from their pipes. That's why it was called Aschentrekker, which means "ash puller." This is a belief that green tourmaline is the jewel of Angel Nemamiah, an archangel. It's the birthstone of Capricorn and August Birthstone.

Classified as semi-precious stone, Green Tourmaline is part of the borosilicates group with a complicated chemical structure. Due to the intricate mineral structure of this gemstone, depending on where it is found, a green tourmaline exists in an almost infinite numbers of varieties and beautiful colours, ranging from yellowish-green, olive green to brownish-green – quite similar to emerald. It owes its unique green colour to the chrome that it has in its structure. Another name for Green Tourmaline is Verdelite which comes from the Latin 'viridis' (green) as well as the Greek suffix 'lith' (stone) words. The major deposits of the gemstone can be found in Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Brazil, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.