Sapphire Jewellery

The blue sapphires picked by Glamira have the top quality of stone clarity. Glamira also uses the gemstones with different carats to make interesting design of

blue sapphire jewelry

. One example of the blue sapphires that you can find at Glamira is the royal blue sapphires, which is the highest grade in the middle of the scale. You can spoil yourself with unique design in any combinations of materials and colours. Blue Sapphire is a unique gemstone which can go with light or dark hair with any style. It can compliment all skin tones, flatter a lady's natural beauty, and highlight a gentle man's charisma. You can even personalise a pair of blue sapphire earrings, a piece of blue sapphire necklace around your neck, or even a blue sapphire ring on your finger to add highlights to your outfit with eye catching jewellery design. You not only use blue sapphire to get the attention but also showcase your blue mood with the beautiful royal blue! You can also pick one of the blue sapphire engagement rings, modify it in tune with your significant other's taste, and have it witness your most magical moment of marriage proposal. The blue sapphire is also widely used as the traditional gift for the 45th wedding anniversary.

Blue Sapphire is categorised as precious stone. Its colour has a shade of blue tinged with violet and purple. In addition to the stone’s colour, clarity, size, cut, and overall quality, the intensity of the hue of blue dictates its value. The darker blue it has, the more valuable it is. The name, sapphire, originates from the Greek term, "sappheiros", which means blue. Sapphire is one of the members from corundum family, like ruby, which makes them one of the hardest gemstones. The most well known type of blue sapphire is the star sapphire that shows a star-like marvel which owes its name to its Cabochon cut. The Black Star of Queensland, the biggest star sapphire on the planet, has a weight of 733 carats. Major sapphire deposits are found in Eastern Australia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, China, Madagascar, East Africa, and in North America, such as Montana. Sapphire and rubies are frequently found in the same geographic environment. It is the modern day September birthstone and the stone for zodiac sign Sagittarius. It is for the most part connected with peace and bliss in old times. For instance, in old Persia, the traditional belief was that blue sapphire would bring blue skies and peace.