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Garnet Jewellery

Since quality is the first step taken to generate specific

garnet jewellery

of rings, earrings, necklaces, engagement rings, bangles, bracelets, cufflinks, and many others for women, men and kids, Glamira only selects garnet gemstones with top quality. Regarded as the stone of fervent devotion, Glamira uses garnets to showcase the energy of love! At Glamira, you can customise a garnet ring encompassed by micropave set diamonds. The combination of garnets and diamonds will gift you the charming and flattering distinctions especially when gold, garnets and diamonds are used tastefully together in a single design. You are able to let your ears decorated by the grains of pomegranate with a pair of garnet earrings. At Glamira, you can also create a garnet necklace that tailors to your own personal style. With the easy customisation experience only at Glamira, you will be able to create the jewelry that not only expresses who you are but also impresses those around you!

Garnet is a semi-precious gemstone with a colour of deep red. It has a chemical structure combining a group of silicate minerals. The name of Garnet has its epistemological roots in the 14th century, which was based on the word grenate ("pomegranate red"). Garnet was one of the most popular gemstones in the Late Antique period in the Roman empire to adorn garments, jewelry, the weapons, and the clothes of emperors, knights and kings. It was also believed to be the symbol of knightly virtues.

Garnets still keep its popularity even in the modern jewelry marketplaces. It makes remarkable and exciting emphasis on your personal style when worn on the fingers or ears. The geographical locations of the garnet deposits with high value can be mainly found in Argentina, Brazil and Germany. It's the stone of Gemini and January birthstone.