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Green Amethyst Jewellery

Green Amethyst
At Glamira, unique pieces of

green amethyst jewelry

are crafted and created from exceptional high quality of green amethysts. You may customise any Glamira products with green amethyst gemstones. For example, to feel the magical sense and keep it close to your heart, how about designing your own green amethyst pendants? Or you are able to produce a green amethyst necklace for the child to be worn as a protective amulet. Your spirit will be lifted by wearing a special design of green amethyst rings you have customised in tune with your style! Glamira aims to touch your spirit and also to earn you some fashion compliments with the green amethyst jewelry!

Throughout the history, many metaphysicians believed that the green amethysts had purifying and protective qualities and always chose them as the first choice for spiritual and healing purposes. In ancient times, it had been called as the stone of sobriety and used to regain the physical and emotional health. The green amethyst had it’s own place in history and myths. One of the myths was that Saint Valentine wore a green amethyst ring carved with an image of Cupid. Furthermore, the gemstones have been used by wealthy and strong monarchs in history as a symbol of royalty. In general, green amethyst is a stone which is believed to enhance the intuitive and love capability. It is the birthstone for Pisces as well as the February birthstone. It is also the gemstone for the 6th wedding anniversary gifts.

Green amethyst is a light green quartz crystal and classified as semi-precious stone. The green colour is a result of heat treatment caused by volcanic activity, natural heating at centre of Earth, or man made treatment. Therefore it is paramount to keep the gemstones away from the direct heat and sunlight since the colour change might easily occur. In gemology, one of the names green amethyst is known for is prasiolite which is derived from Greek, prason ( πράσον ) meaning "leek" and lithos ( λίθος ) meaning "stone" (in other words, green-coloured stone). Presently, the mines of green amethyst are primarily found in Brazil as well as in Canada and Poland..