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Smoky Quartz Jewellery

Smoky quartz
Glamira offers Smoky Quartz stones in the finest quality and creates unique design with those beautiful rare stones. With a smoky quartz ring, you can create a timeless style. Since the stone has been used for healing purpose, you can customise it to create a smoky quartz necklace to relieve tension and to increase focus. Or you can choose to set the smoky quartz with gold or silver and design a pair of smoky quartz earrings to wow the crowd. At Glamira, you can express your artistic flair with endless possibilities.


Smoky quartz is a semi-precious variety of quartz and has an extensive range of colours from light yellow-brown to deep greyish black. The stone can be combined with stones of different colours and metals without reducing its glow in

smoky quartz jewelry

due to the translucent characteristic.

The name, smoky quartz, is derived from its brown to grey colour. Very dark smoky quartz is called Morion, which comes from the Greek word "moroeis" (dark). In the ancient Roman history, people believed smoky quartz had the ability to protect them against the evil and strengthen willpower. It was also found in Egyptian pyramids, statues and monuments as part of the decorations. In modern days, smoky quartz is one of the rarest and most popular gemstones. The main smoky quartz mines are located in Russia, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Switzerland and Spain. Scottish has considered smoky quartz the national gem due to its long historical association with the stone. The smoky quartz is also known as the stone of the zodiac sign, Libra.