Aquamarine Jewellery

Glamira fulfills this exceptional tone with special designs in

aquamarine jewelry

. Selecting only aquamarines of exceptional quality, Glamira provides you to feel the power of water together with the different tones of aquamarine from light green to strong blue. If you give an ear to the aquamarine earrings, it is possible to hear the mermaids' singing loud! Glamira crafts a world of sea where you can dive into deep and discover the pieces that are unique. Allow the falls discover the aquamarine rings combined by additional valuable rocks only for you concealed into a chest for periods deep under the sea, or change to the solitaire aquamarine pendants around your neck. This is a land at which it is possible to personalise the aquamarine in almost any layout while feeling the freshness on body and your life! Here you can compose your own personal myth!

Aquamarine stone (the name is derived from the Latin 'aqua' (water) and 'mare' (sea) phrases) is identified as "the king of gems". The gemstone has a colour of sunshine aqua blue, as suggested in its name. Classified as semi-precious and being an associate of the beryl family, Aquamarine can be primarily seen in South American nations.

The stone has a poor resistance towards heat, so in order to keep the brightness of its amazing blue hue, for which it is famed and popular, it must not be exposed to a great deal to the warmth. Along with its colour, it has a special body that reflects both the organic and artificial light. In myths and legends associated with mermaids and the water, Aquamarine stone has been also mentioned like a number of other gemstones. Additionally, in astrology theory, it's the jewel of the Aquarius and the March birthstone.