White Sapphire Jewellery

White Sapphire
The white sapphires picked by Glamira have top quality of stone clarity. Glamira also uses the gemstones with different carats to make interesting design of white sapphire jewelry, such as earring, rings, necklaces, bangles for women and rings, cufflinks for men. The irresistible beauty of white sapphires always stands out to compliment your style whether the stone is set alone or with other gemstones. Although white sapphires have been used as royal ornaments throughout history, you can also design a contemporary style by setting an emerald cut white sapphire on a gold band to create a white sapphire ring. You can even personalise the stone as a pair of white sapphire earrings. Or show your commitment and love by choosing one of the unique Glamira white sapphire engagement rings. Use a white sapphire solitaire necklace to carry the light of Apollo around your neck to feel the protection. Just allow Glamira surround you with the heavenly happiness and the glow from the sun!
White Sapphire is a colourless precious stone and is a variety of sapphire. The colour of a sapphire came from the trace elements like iron, chromium, copper, titanium and magnesium during the formation of the stone. What makes white sapphire rare, unique and expensive is that White Sapphire does not have the trace of elements in it and is the second hardest gemstone next to the diamond. Therefore, the stone has a transparent hue and is tough and scratch and abrasion resistant. The main deposits of white sapphire are found in Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand. In the ancient times, warriors gifted their wives a sapphire necklace to ensure their loyalty as a tradition. In Greek mythology, the Sapphire was associated with the God of light and the sun, Apollo. As the September birthstone in the modern days, people wear

white sapphire jewelry

because they believe the stone has the power to shield them from the evil and the harm and bring them more blessings.