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Citrine Jewellery

Glamira selects the top quality citrine stone to be applied in the

citrine jewelry

desgin, such as earrings, necklaces, pendants, bangles rings, cufflinks and all our children’s jewelry. In our online store, it is possible to personalise your citrine jewelry to glow in your outfit. You may choose to set your citrine stone with platinum, silver or white gold to bring out the vibrant side of this stone and the state-of-the-art style in you.

Connected with abundance and success, Citrine reflects the energy of the sunlight on Glamira desgins. An outstanding pair of citrine earrings shines on you as a symbol of eternal sunshine of youth! Or a citrine necklace fallen from paradise and historical charm will enhance your internal strength. It is possible for you to customise the largest star in cosmos into citrine rings that are cost-effective and transform you to become a bright and shining star no one can take their eyes off. No fashion and beauty continue to be so magnificent and affordable!

Citrine stone features a yellowish tint due to the mix of heat and high-pressure during its development of titanium and manganese. Its colour changes from a pale yellow into a darker brownish-orange. For many years, it had been referred to as a sunstone for being the sign of sunlight, based on the beliefs of the Greeks and Romans. Citrine is mined and located in South America: Bolivia and Brazil, in particular. It's the jewel for the zodiac sign Gemini and November birthstone.