Rose Pearl Jewellery

Rose Pearl

By taking the value standard into consideration, Glamira offers the pearls with the highest quality. To make unique designs of pearl jewellery, Glamira uses pink, white and black pearl in the collection. A pair of pearl drop earrings can easily be custom-made from the teardrops of the moon. Or to add the classic style to your outfit, you can wrap around your neck with a pearl necklace and feel like a protagonist of a myth or a legend. You can even join the pearls with rose and white gold to have a pearl ring that will underline a timeless style like Susa necklace!

Pearls are the world's earliest, most sought after, and adored jewels since they were first found. It had been mentioned in texts and legends; used in art pieces of several countries from Greece and to China. Its first usage was dated about 5,200 years ago in Egypt. The examples of pearls might be observed in the paintings and sculptures in ancient Egypt time. And the oldest piece of

pearl jewelry

is a 2,700-year old necklace which has been uncovered from a Persian Queen’s tomb and is known as the Susa necklace with 3 rows of 72 pearls each. Pearl is the stone for the zodiac sign Cancer as well as the June birthstone.

Pearl is the oldest known gem and was considered the most valuable for centuries. What differentiates other gemstones from pearls is that pearls are organic matters derived from a living creature - mollusks and oysters. The colours of the pearls range from white to black, including silver, cream, pink, champagne, green, and blue. Its chemical structure contains calcium carbonate in tiny crystalline form that continues to be deposited in concentric layers. It may appear in several shapes as it is a natural gem that is organic and each contour is very unique. Like every diamond differs from each other, every pearl’s shape is a little bit different. The shape is formed from its nucleus and placement within the mollusk. Round pearls are the ones which are in demand and pricey since they are uncommon and 'natural'. In addition to natural pearls, there are also cultured pearls which are farmed from oysters and freshwater mussels. The value of a pearl is determined by many variables such as the kind of pearl, its shape, the luster, colour, nacre and size. The quality of the nacre dictates the quality of the luster, or shine of the pearl, which is very important to its beauty and its value. The surface of a high quality pearl should be shiny, smooth and free of marks. The most precious pearl is the one with thicker nacre.