Blue Topaz Jewellery

Sky Blue, London Blue and Swiss Blue are the three types of blue used in the making of the blue topaz jewelry. Glamira designers and jewellers hand-pick the swiss blue topaz that comply to our quality standard to create a wide variety of necklaces, rings, earrings and pendants, bangles, engagement rings, cufflinks and so forth. You can reveal your blue blood through your customised Glamira jewelry. You can utilise your creativity to produce a personalised blue topaz necklace solitaire form combined with other precious stones as well as with gold or silver so that you can appreciate having the sky around your neck. You can customise your ring and lock the blue sky up into your blue topaz rings. Or it is possible to splotch the canvas and make lily white clouds on your own heavens and demonstrate your imagination in a pair of blue topaz earrings. Use the crystal clear semblance of Blue Topaz and let your dreams and imagination come to life! .
Blue topaz is a semi precious gemstone famous for its clear blue colour which may be obtained exclusively by a unique treatment made upon the white topaz. The gemstone embraces both the hardness and also the susceptibility in its structure. That's why it's one of the most interesting but challenging jewels to work with. A highly skilled jeweller with extensive experience and expertise handling this gemstone is required to convert a raw stone into a unique piece of

blue topaz jewellery


The word, topaz, is derived from the Sanskrit word "tapas" meaning "heat" or "fire". Being found in many legends and some parts of Bible, Blue Topaz is, nowadays, one of the most highly sough-after stones in jewelry marketplace. It symbolises the fresh sparkle of youth. The mines of the gem are intensively located in Russia, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and it is the state gemstone of the US state of Texas. It is the stone of Virgo and December birthstone.