Black Diamond Jewellery

Black diamond
While the black diamonds exposed to irradiation along with other treatments are sourced from India, Glamira uses the ones with an incredibly high quality, which come from a number of mines where natural black diamonds are located. Yet another point Glamira pays attention to is that they're conflict-free diamonds which match Glamira’s quality specifications.

By benefiting from the play of dark, at Glamira, the items are made and you're offered the ability to join your chosen object of art together with the flicker of black diamond, for instance in a black diamond ring. Often it's favoured along with white gemstones to accentuate the vivid dark one along with the brightness of the white one. This implies you could individualise rings to turn into black and white diamond rings. Or you can wear a set of black diamond earrings to courtliness and your dignity. However, black diamond can be used for men's jewelry since black is seen as a man's colour. Glamira designs mens black diamond rings and cuff links which are also combined with additional jewels like silver to underline cool fashion and men's panache!

Associate of precious stones family, Black diamond, has a strong black colour as a consequence of the combination of graphite, carbon and various metal compounds which are called as polycrystalline. Also known as "Carbonado", Black Diamond has a construction that is difficult to be grinded and finished. While black diamond is being produced into

black diamond jewelry

, it desires more attention and care. In marketplace, nowadays, almost all black diamonds get their colour from irradiation or other treatments. Owing its attractiveness to its saturated and strong colour that is black, the natural black diamond is pricey and scarce.

When you have a look at the real history of black diamond, the 67.5 Black Orlov is the most well-known instance you can come across. This huge black diamond is also known as "The Attention of Brahma". The reason that it is special isn't just its dimensions but additionally it's believed to be cursed since it was eliminated from a Hindu shrine. However, after it had been possessed with a European princess and re-cut, it's believed the curse has reversed itself.