Emerald Jewellery

Since colour, clarity, and cut all may impact the worth of an emerald, the ones selected by Glamira are with the highest quality. It's possible for you to find emeralds in carat and any shape at Glamira to decorate your selected jewelry. While some emeralds may have a yellow green hue, Glamira prefers the kinds with tiny tints or without tints. The best emeralds would be the types without tints with pure-green colour. Glamira makes

emerald jewellery

by selecting the ones with higher saturation tone and richness in colour – the real emeralds. Not just earrings, pendants, bangles and emerald rings for women, but additionally cufflinks and rings for men are offered in Glamira collections. Firstly, determine the kind of material you would like to set your emeralds on and then decide the carat weight for your emerald. Then, you may match the emerald with petite established gems, like diamond or sapphire. It is possible to create your personal jewelry; a pair of emerald earrings or a solitaire pendant. When it comes to choose emerald engagement rings, you may give the dazzling green of spring and the balefire of hope for a lifetime filled with love to the most special woman in your life.

Emerald (categorised as precious stone) features a strong and bright colour of green. The term, emerald, originated from 'Esmeraude' in French as well as 'Emeraude' in Middle English, which suggests "green stone". Being the associate of beryl group, emerald’s green colour comes from vanadium and chromium occurring at the formation of the stone. In addition, most emeralds are heavily included and therefore their resistance to breakage is classified as generally poor. The intense green colour and these inclusions ensure it is unique and distinctive. Nevertheless, a specific 'Emerald Cut' was created to keep the integrity of the crystal. The stone is found largely in Columbia, Pakistan, Zambia, Indian, Madagascar, Norwegian, Brazilian, the US, and Ural mountains of Russia.

Emerald is a fascinating gemstone. They have the most beautiful, most intense and most radiant green that can possibly be imagined. Its beauty was appreciated in many fables, a great number of tales and legends. The Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, is known with her deep and addictive affection for the emerald stones. For centuries, the emerald green has been the colour of beauty and love. In ancient Rome, this green was the colour of Venus, the goddess of beauty and love. The Romans believed all the goddess’s qualities were embodied by the Emerald; fertility, beauty and goodness. This May birthstone also represents the colour of life and of the springtime, which comes round again and again.