Yellow Sapphire Jewellery

Yellow Sapphire
Glamira picks the highest quality of yellow sapphire stones for you based on the 4C: cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight and has created the stones into exceptional

yellow sapphire jewelry

of earrings, necklaces, rings, and many others. The beauty of yellow sapphire can be enhanced by the combination with other gemstones, colours, and metals. For example, when the yellow sapphire is set on white or yellow gold, the jewelry shines from every angle. You can let it light up your hand as a yellow sapphire ring or your face as a pair of yellow sapphire earrings. Or you can have your eternal love witnessed by a customised yellow sapphire engagement ring during the marriage proposal. Glamira invites you to feel the light and the power of Jupiter glowing from you.


Yellow Sapphire is classified as a semi-precious stone and is a variety of the mineral corundum like Ruby. The beautiful hue of yellow comes from the traces of iron. A high quality yellow sapphire does not have any visible inclusions and should be transparent with a sparkling surface that imitates the colour of sunset. Yellow sapphire was primarily found in Serendip, the island of Sri Lanka, which was the first place where yellow sapphire was discovered. After the island was washed by torrential rain, the stones got brought out and people stumbled across them. The word, serendipity, was then derived from that event. Other yellow sapphire deposits are in Madagascar, Tanzania, India and Australia. The largest yellow sapphire discovered in the history had a carat weight of nearly 2020 and is known as the Tomahawk Tiger.

In the ancient times, people called the yellow sapphire ‘hyacinth’. It was also referred to as padparadscha in Sinhalese and Sanskrit. In Indian and Vedic astrology, the stone has a special place and is named as Pukhraj, which means yellow stone. People believe that the yellow sapphire attracts happiness, peace, wisdom, and fulfilment to the wearer’s life. It is also associated with life, fertility and marriage. Based on Hindu beliefs, the yellow sapphire represents the positive powers of Jupiter, which is known as the Deva Guru and believed as the teacher of Gods.