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Fire Opal Jewellery

fire opal

Fire Opal was well admired among the people of Central America, especially in Mexico. The Mayas and Aztecs loved this gemstone and put it to use in mosaics and for ritualistic purposes. It was believed that a gem as unique as the fire opal could just be created in the water of heaven. That’s why the people also called it quetzalitzlipyollitli, the 'stone of the bird of paradise'. In ancient history, the Egyptian queen, Cleopatra, was rumoured to have worn a set of fire opals to attract Mark Anthony, the ruler of Rome. Queen Victoria used the opal jewelry as a guardian against evil and enemies. With a fascinating combination of colours and as the symbol of divine beauty, Fire Opal is the October birthstone.

Since quality is the first step taken to generate specific

fire opal jewelry

of rings, earrings, necklaces, cufflinks, Glamira only offers fire opals in top quality and with the vivid red colour. Fire opal is an ideal stone to bring beauty and charm into the unique design. By wearing a pair of fire opal earrings, imagine you can hear the sound of the river in paradise. Or you can attract the ruler of your heart and the love of your life by a fire opal ring! Let your life turn into a holy ritual of magnificence with Glamira collections.

Fire Opal is the clear form of opal and, which like the other opal, consists of silicic acid with a relative high water content, was named for its colour. Its name comes from the Ancient Roman word 'Opalus', which was associated to the Ops - the wife of Saturn and the Goddess of fertility. Being the member of semi-precious stones, the gemstone is composed in layers that were spherical to generate three-dimensional structure to make intensity and the radiance in the stone. It has an interior structure which thereby forms a variety of colours and causes diffraction of light. With regards to the conditions under which the stone is formed, fire opal demonstrates distinct colours varying from yellow to orange, and at times red which the name, fire, comes from. The more intense its body color is - in other words, the more “fiery” it is - the more precious a Fire Opal is. These orange-red gemstones are mostly found in Brazil. Sometimes they are also discovered Guatemala, America, Canada, Australia, Ethiopia, Turkey, or Honduras.