Onyx Jewellery

Glamira chooses the black onyx with the highest quality and creates magnificent designs for men. The black onyx fits nicely with cool metals like gold, silver and platinum. You will be able to customise your jewelry with other materials to produce a warm glow. In other words, you may showcase your creativity to personalise your jewelry, such as a pair of

onyx cufflinks

. Your strong, independent character which cannot be drawn in by short term trends can also be expressed by your black onyx rings! Jewelry is not just for women. Glamira lets men to express their styles and personalities through the jewellery of black onyx for men.

Classified as a semi-precious stone, Black Onyx is part of the crystal family with deep and dark black colour. It had been used as a healing stone by the ancient Greeks and Romans, who believed that black onyx was a guardian against evils, injuries and also the wrath of Gods. Onyx had been mentioned in the myths and the Bible at several points throughout history. In the modern days, the main black onyx deposits are found in Argentina, Brazil and India. This precious and rare gemstone is the July birthstone and the stone for the zodiac sign Capricorn and of the planet Saturn.